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Face shield contracid I, 0.8 mm in accordance with EN 166. The shield is worn directly on the head and has a particularly lifted, infinitely adjustable protection screen (410x285mm), which protects the face of the wearer without any constriction ...of the facial field. The screen which can also be locked in lifted position is attached to the foam-padded shield holder made of vulcanised fibre with two knurl nuts.


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Additional Information

Face shield, PET
Face protection is a part of the Personal Protective Equipment.
To protect the face from splinters, heat and other hazards
we offer various products
with different requirements.
During the development of the products,
we paid particular attention to distortion-free screens and a large, unrestricted,
field of vision to make working with
facial protection as comfortable
as possible.
Face shields
Face protection / eye protection without an filter effect
EN 166