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The compressed air-line breathing apparatus BARILINE PW with a smooth medium pressure hose as a standard thread connector according to EN 148-1 and works with an excess valve which allows the excess breathing air to flow into the environment when... exhaling.The supply of the breatheable air is set with a control valve according to the requirements of the person using respiratory protection. In use, flow rate of > 120L / min is always ensured.The control valve is equipped with an acoustic warning device (warning whistle) which can be heard when the supply pressure is too low or if the operating pressure is too high. It can be washed in industrial washing machines. The moving parts of the warning device do not need to be regreased.The valve body made of electrostatically-dissipative plastics makes the use in EX protection zones 1, 2 and 21, 22 possible.


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Additional Information

Compressed-air breathing apparatus with warning device
Wherever an operational compressed-air network is available, the compressed air-line breathing apparatus BARILINE PW is recommended as cost-effective alternative respiratory protection that is independent of the ambient air.
Through solid technology, the highest protection level (4B) under the insulation devices is achieved. Bariline has been tested and certified according to the latest safety regulations, DIN EN 14594. The occupational health check G 26 is limited to Group I.
Bariline operates with a continuous air flow which can be set individually via a control valve. An excess valve ensures maximum comfort by breathing air that is not needed escaping into the atmosphere. It is not possible for the device to fall below the required minimum volume flow due to the design.
Additionally, a warning device is integrated on the control valve which can be heard when falling below the minimum volume flow.
Compressed air-line breathing apparatus with a control valve
Independent of the ambient atmosphere, compressed air-line breathing apparatuses offer the most comprehensive protection against damaging ambient conditions. The required air is supplied to the face piece via supply hoses i.e. the users move in a defined operating range during work which is limited by the hose lengths.

For compressed air-line breathing apparatuses, the breatheable air is supplied from compressed-air cylinders, compressed-air networks or compressors. As a result, long operating times can be achieved without the air supply being interrupted.
A distinction is made between devices with a control valve (continuous air supply) and automatically operated devices (demand valve). In this connection, the breathable air supply is automatically adapted to demand, i.e. the breatheable air only flows into the face piece during inhalation.
EN 14594 Klasse 4B