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The compressed air-line breathing apparatus BARILINE P
has a standard thread connector
according to EN 148-1 and works with
an excess valve which
allows the excess breathing air to flow into the environment
when exhaling.
The excess valve of BARILINE P
has a hose connection which
can be turned 360 degrees. A smooth medium pressure
hose secures
the connection to the control valve.
Compressed-air breathing apparatus
A distinction is made between devices with
a control valve (constant flow) and
automatically operated devices (demand valve).
Compressed air-line breathing apparatuses with a control valve are supplied
via an continuously-flowing air inlet. The
required volume flow can be adjusted by a control valve
where a defined minimum volume flow is
reached at all times, since the valve cannot
be completely closed. Due to a continuous air flow,
air consumption for these device is higher than for devices with demand valves.
A compressed air-line breathing apparatus with
a control valve is particularly suitable for stationary compressed-air
supply systems.
Compressed air-line breathing apparatus with a control valve
Compressed air-line respirators offer the most comprehensive protection against damaging ambient conditions. The required air
is supplied to the face piece via supply hoses i.e. the users move in a defined
operating range during work which is defined by the hose lengths.
The breathing air is provided from compressed-air networks or compressors.
In this way, long operating times can be achieved.
EN 14594 Klasse 2/4B
9.1 (BASIC)
Compressed air-line breathing apparatus
Compressed air-line respirator