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The basic device 4500 PL /D is a connector between the face piece (for example, the full face mask BRK 820) and compressed-air supply hose DZS 9 / DZS 9R to the compressed-air source and includes a negative pressure demand valve with a standard t...hread according to EN 148-1.Thanks to the warning system permanently-integrated in the demand valve, the user is also directly warned about residual pressure when using our pressure reducer DM 500 or DM 1900 Unmistakeable sound, dirt tolerant, and without additional air consumption

Additional Information

Basic device, negative pressure demand valve, thread connector Rd 40
A distinction is made between devices with a control valve
(continuous air supply) and
automatically operated devices (demand valve).
Compressed air-line breathing apparatuses with demand valves
only supply breathing air when the wearer of the respirator
is breathing in. These devices consume less air than
compressed air-line breathing apparatuses
with continuous flow.
A compressed air-line breathing apparatus with a demand valve is particularly suitable for breathing air supply from
One differentiates between negative pressure and
positive pressure devices. Devices with positive pressure generate
positive pressure in the face piece. The positive pressure
prevents the entry of hazardous substances from the
surrounding atmosphere into the face piece.
Compressed air-line breathing apparatus with demand valve
Regardless of the ambient atmosphere, Air-line respirators offer the most comprehensive protection against
damaging ambient conditions. The required air is supplied to the face piece via supply hoses i.e. the users move in a defined
operating range during work which is defined by the hose lengths. The breathing air is provided from compressed-air cylinders
compressed-air networks or compressors. In this way, long operating times can be achieved.
EN 14593-1