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FFP3 mask protecting from inhaling non-volatile, solid and liquid particles.


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Cup shaped mask with exhalation valve FFP3 R V
Many working environments entail a
health risk for your employees through toxic and
non-toxic dusts in the air.
Filtering face pieces FFP prevent dangerous particles from being
inhaled and leading to long-term and
serious diseases. They are divided into three protection
classes: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.
Masks with protection class FFP1 protect the wearer
against non-toxic and non-fibrogenic dusts. The
inhalation of these dusts does not lead to
serious diseases but irritate the
respiratory tract.
Masks with the protection class FFP2 protect the wearer
from harmful dusts, smoke and
aerosols in a solid and liquid state. Since these
particles can be fibrogenic, they cause short-term
respiratory tract irritation and weaken the
lung tissue in the long term.
Masks with the protection class FFP3 protect the wearer
against toxic and harmful dusts,
smoke and aerosols. These include, for example, radioactive
harmful substances and viruses.
FFP mask
Particle-filtering half masks protect the user from inhaling non-volatile, solid and liquid particles (dusts, smoke, aerosols, aerosol mist). They consist entirely or predominantly of filter material with rubber bands and a formable nose clip to ensure optimal adaptation to the face of the user.
Mask body: Polyester - polypropylene (electrostatics material) Harness: Textile fabric with rubber Nose clip: PP, FE Latch fastener: Polyamide Nose seal: Foam PVC Exhalation valve: Housing ABS Exhalation valve disc: Silicone Exhalation valve protecting c
P – particles
With exhalation valve:
However, FFP2 corresponds to a higher concentration, e.g. chromium, cobalt, nickel, microorganisms, radioactive and biochemically active aerosols.
EN 149:2001+ A1:2009