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The half mask 620N covers the nose and mouth and offers optimal respiratory protection in different areas of application. Via the round thread connector according to EN 148-1, all screw filters up to 300 g, as well as cartridge filters, can be co...nnected to the reusable filter adapter. By using with two exhalation valves, a low exhalation resistance is ensured. The infinitely variable roll straps allow optimal wearing comfort.


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Additional Information

Half mask with thread connector
Respirator masks are face pieces and serve the purpose of protecting the wearer against
respiratory poisons.
They are divided into full face, half and quarter masks.
Respiratory masks can be used dependent on the surrounding air
in connection with respiratory filter (respiratory protection by filter)
or independent of the surrounding air with compressed-air systems
(insulating respiratory protection).
full face masks cover the entire face of the mask
carrier. As a result, the face is protected against hot gases
heat radiation and other harmful
Quarter masks cover the nose and mouth area -
half masks also cover the chin area. They are excluded
from use in certain fields of application and working
Respirator mask
Face pieces are part of a respiratory protection device, they are the connection between the wearer of respiratory protection
and the respiratory protection device. A direct supply of breathing gas to the mouth and nose is secured
by the face piece.
DIN EN 140