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Portable compressed-air filter station for max. 4 compressed air-line breathing apparatusesthree-staged (fine, sub-micro and activated carbon filter with an adjustable pressure reducer, manometerand differential pressure indicator with an electri...cally-operatedsignalling device, without outlet couplings.

Additional Information

Compressed-air filter with three-stage filtration
Compressed-air filters have the task of preparing the breathing-air.
The devices use three separate stages in the
breathing air conditioning process.
In the first stage, the air flows through a fine micro filter, in the second stage through a coalescing submicro
filter designed to remove water aerosols
and dirt particles up to 0.1 μm and oil up
to a residual oil content of < 0.01 mg / m³.
In the third stage, an adsorption activated carbon
filter, the deposition of odorous substances and
oil mist follows up to a residual oil content of <0.003 mg / m³.
The working pressure required for the respirators
to be connected can be controlled via
a lockable pressure regulator for all devices.
Compressed-air filter
The air which is compressed by industrial compressors is usually contaminated by impurities.
The air does not comply with the specifications as prescribed for breathing air according to DIN
For this reason, a filter must be directly connected to the sampling point between
the compressed-air supply and compressed air-line breathing apparatus.