Airsafe 2683-C
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Airsafe 2683-C is designed for usein situations where it is not possibleto install a breathing air supplywith cylinder batteries directly atthe site because ofthe local conditions. TheResidual pressure warning device givesan acoustic signal at 35... ± 5 bar. Theintegrated emergency air supply withtwo 6.8 l / 300 bar composite cylindersmake it possible for the user to retreat safely.

Additional Information

Breathing air case for 2 compressed air cylinders 6.8 l/300 bar each, with compressed air cylinders
In the field of mobile air supply,
we offer you standard products and tailor-made solutions specially made
according to your wishes.
Standard products include cylinder trolleys
in different sizes, mobile breathing air cases and
car trailers equipped with the required respiratory protection technology.
If your needs differ from the standard,
we will develop a special solution according to what you need
together with you. We develop, produce and give training.
Mobile breathing air supply
Repair and maintenance work often requires the use of respiratory protection equipment.
Due to constructional conditions or in the case of remote locations and under consideration
of the current pollutant load, these operations can usually only be carried out
with respiratory protection devices that are independent of the ambient air. However, the constructional conditions often make it impossible
that a self-contained breathing apparatus can be carried along or longer operating times are needed.
For such operations, mobile breathing air supplies for compressed-air breathing apparatuses with
a demand valve have been designed.