Isolating Respiratory Protection

/// Our highly dedicated and extremely well trained specialists continually develop new innovative respiratory protection solutions and systems for your safety. We consistently focus on quality and customer benefit. A great deal of specialised knowledge goes into the production and testing of isolating devices at our manufacturing site in Cologne. Our mobile breathable air supply division manufactures both standard products and specialised solutions. If a standard solution does not meet your requirements, we will be happy to advise you and develop a customised solution together with you. No problem is too big for us. You’ll find more information about specialised solutions here.

Special solutions

All products that require servicing are checked and repaired by our service department. In the service section you can find more information about the services we offer.

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Isolating Respiratory Protection


Fresh air hose type breathing apparatus

Our fresh-air hose type breathing apparatus is used when a normal filtering respirator cannot provide sufficient protection in a contaminated work area or an area low in oxygen.

Compressed air line breathing apparatus with continuous flow

We offer you light and heavy compressed air supply hoses in many different lengths, in line with your requirements. There are also various hose reels that offer optimum hose protection and readiness for use.

Compressed air filters

For the treatment of compressed air coming from an operational compressed air network we offer different variants of compressed air filters.

Compressed air supply hoses

Compressed air supply hoses are part of compressed air line breathing apparatuses according to EN 14593-1 / EN 14594, which conduct the breathable air from the extraction point to the apparatus.

Pressure reducers

A pressure reducer is a component of a compressed air line breathing apparatus that reduces the cylinder pressure to the operating pressure of the connected respiratory protective device. We offer you solutions with and without an integrated warning device.

Compressed air line breathing apparatus with demand valve

Regardless of the ambient atmosphere, fresh air hoses offer the most comprehensive protection against damaging ambient conditions. The breathable air is provided from compressed air cylinders, permanently installed compressed air line systems or compressors. In this way long operating times can be achieved.